The Nature of Creativity by Louis Vuitton & Billie Achilleos

Famous for its expertise and elegance in the creation of the most distinctive leather goods – shoes, watches, purses, wallets, clothes, jewellery and other accessories – Louis Vuitton has been enchanting the world with its exceptional craftsmanship technique, creative vision and inventiveness. A dream to some people, an icon to other, and to most the true essence of elegance.

Recently, this prestigious international brand has decided to present its most loyal admirers with a mini zoo, designated by the Zoo Maroquinaris. A tremendously innovative creation made of leather goods such as wallets, purses, belts, etc., developed in collaboration with Billie Achilleos, a young British artist who graduated in 2007 from the Wimbledon College of Art and with an MBA in Technical Arts and Special Effects. Thirty animals – dog, cat, chicken, duck, rabbit, squirrel, crab, chameleon, grasshopper, among others – comprise this fantastic miniature leather zoo. A hymn to art and creativity… full of luxury and imagination.

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