Poggenpohl Invests in New Machinery

Poggenpohl is upgrading its production facilities to provide greater flexibility in responding to customer orders. Quality and environmental protection play a key part.

Surface optimisation 

The company is investing in a new surface-sanding machine to provide even better quality and broaden its product portfolio. The new surface sanding machine has twice as many sanding units, making it suitable for all surfaces. The sanding units are equipped specifically for the high-gloss segment. Sanding with extremely fine-grain papers produces a particularly even and brilliant, high-gloss surface.
Special 3-stage compressed-air filters have been installed as a further measure to improve quality. Ending with the activated-carbon filter, the various filter stages deliver perfectly clean industrial air for lacquering. This makes sure that the air required for the lacquering process is absolutely free of silicone, oil, water and particulate matter.

Path to the lean factory 

Poggenpohl has been focusing attention on the subject of lean production since 2007. This makes Poggenpohl one of the first German companies to apply what was originally an automotive production system to furniture making.

After changing over the assembly lines in summer 2010, the flow of materials is now being optimised between unfinished products and assembly. The new raw-board warehouse and directly adjoining board sizing saw now provide greater flexibility in responding to customer orders. This shortens processing time which means we can also respond more quickly to our customers’ special requests.