Poggenpohl celebrates 120 years

The 2012 Küchenmeile A30 show event not only provides Poggenpohl with the setting for celebrating its 120th anniversary but also for presenting its new brand strategy among an exclusive circle of invited retail partners. Alongside new advertisement layouts and new website, this also includes a new studio concept for presenting show kitchens.

When Friedemir Poggenpohl founded the company in 1892, he wanted “to make the kitchen better”. 2012 now marks the company’s 120th anniversary, making it the world’s oldest kitchen brand. During this time the company has set major milestones. In 1950, Poggenpohl was the first kitchen manufacturer to present the fitted kitchen. Driven by the power to innovate, it was in 1960 that the company launched the first solid-wood kitchen and in 1967 the kitchen “must”: the kitchen island.

With this huge choice of fronts, Poggenpohl is following its new brand concept that places a strong focus on the company’s core strengths. “We want to pass our 120-year tradition, the perfection of our products and our exclusive service on to our customers”, Lars Völkel explains. Retailers and consumers alike can get to see all of the impressive product line-up at the revamped in-house exhibition on show in Herford. The exhibition is divided into three sections: from the kitchen studio presenting show kitchens, the entertainment area with bistro and event kitchen to the “USP zone”. This shows a variety of frontage options, a timeline covering all milestones in the company’s 120-year history as well as the vast range of product details there is to choose from. “This showcases all of Poggenpohl’s unique selling points in concentrated form”, Managing Director Lars Völkel is proud to explain.

There are historical pieces displayed throughout the showroom. A kitchen sideboard from 1937, Form 1000 with Poggenpohl’s famous ten-layered polished lacquer finish from 1952 and Luigi Colani’s futuristic ball kitchen from 1970.

A couple of testimonies to Poggenpohl’s pioneering achievements over its 120-year history!