The Vintage Alhambra collection

A Symbol of Luck, Health, Fortune and Love.

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Launched in 1968, Van Cleef & Arpels’ iconic motif rapidly becomes an emblem of the Maison. For over four decades, women have loved the enchanting contours of this lucky-charm motif. It is a potent symbol of luck, health, fortune, and love.

Born as a long, plain yellow gold necklace, the Alhambra collection has always displayed  timeless elegance through its lucky-charm motif, as it stands for luck, health, fortune, and love . In the years following its launch, the collection was broadened to include a rich variety of models and coloured stones. Today, the white mother-of-pearl model remains the Maison’s bestseller.





The collection has also been enriched with a series of graceful watches. With their distinctive curves and round bead setting, these stylish timepieces remain true to the spirit of the Alhambra collection.

Elegant or disarmingly simple, understated or sophisticated, this iconic motif remains unrivalled. Loved by all, there is an Alhambra item to match every day, every mood, and every personality.

Courtesy of Van Cleef & Arpels