Botanique Hotel & Spa | Campos de Jordão, Brazil

Botanique Hotel & Spa, nestled amid the untouched hills and mountains around Campos do Jordão, just outside São Paulo in Brazil opened yesterday. Serene Surroundings, Inside and Out, this is the first hotel of its kind, showcasing the best of local Brazilian design, furnishings, culture, cuisine, and experience, and the only one to embrace an authentic Brazilian approach in a region populated entirely by European-style hotels. Conceptualized by some of the most brilliant minds in business – David Cole, founder of AOL; Gordon Roddick, founder of the Body Shop; and Ricardo Semler, owner of Botanique, prolific entrepreneur and published author – Botanique is the epitome of what they call “post luxury.”
According to Ricardo Semler, Botanique is “introducing a new concept of contemporary Brazilian hospitality, rescuing the authenticity of old Campos do Jordão, which was an anchor for spiritual retreats, and blending that with a top-of-the-line-luxury feel.”

The goal was to create a new sort of guest experience that combines the high standards of service expected of a five-star establishment with the intimate, personal qualities of staying at a bed and breakfast.

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Photographs: Mário Rodrigues