Water Tower into Sleek Residence

The Lymm Water Tower is an award winning renovation of a once derelict Grade II listed water tower now converted into a into a luxurious contemporary family home. A semi-rural retreat renovated by Ellis William Architects, the octagonal stone water tower is complemented by a new contemporary wrap around double height glass extension, and decked out in ultra-chic luxury. Taking minimalism and mod cons to extremes, in stylish, spacious living areas, under-floor-heating and stunning suites. This highly glazed addition offers carefully selected vistas across the adjacent fields and considers the existing mature trees surrounding the site.

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The house is white – the building’s continuous white curves create and accentuate the spaces, modelling the building and signalling the times of the day and seasons of the year. All surfaces of the building are white, even the floor is a white resin. Colour is added by lighting which was a major design consideration – there are very few light fittings as such, with almost all lighting being indirect and concealed. To achieve this direct expression of the form in reality took a huge effort. It was not for the lazy or faint hearted, since the more you reduce and eliminate unnecessary clutter, the more extracting your standards have to be. What is left is put into an absolute sharp focus and has to be perfect.

Lymm Water Tower has become a sublime essay in calm modernism, happy in its historic context whilst focusing on sensitive, contemporary architecture when it would have been easy to resort to reproduction or pastiche. The new works in synergy with the old and has the feel and appearance of quality due to the careful and sensitive manipulation of materials and internal space – rich in commodity and delight – the benchmark of good architecture.