Zaha Hadid in Glasgow

If you are thinking about travelling to Glasgow, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport; A fantastic project by architect Zaha Hadid, by the river that not only provides a stunning artistic experience but also a highly sensorial…

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“The museum, a sectional extrusion open at both ends, its outline encapsulating a wave of pleat, flows from city to waterfront, symbolising the dynamic relationship between Glasgow and the ship-building, seafaring and industrial legacy of the river Clyde. Clear glass facades allow light to flood through the main exhibition space. ”

Besides the brilliant architectural intervention, the new museum houses collections not previously on display at the Museum of Transport, and for the first time it allows the proper interpretation of Glasgow’s important maritime history. Visitors can walk down a re-created 1900s street, drive a locomotive and tackle a tenement fire. With more than 3,000 objects on display, from skateboards to locomotives, paintings to prams, velocipedes to voiturettes, there is something for visitors of all ages.

Zaha Hadid Glasgow