A Feminine Touch in Gastronomy – Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic has become the first female French Chef to obtain three Michelin stars and the award of World’s Best Female Chef in 2011. She is now a reference in the International cuisine… She never uses perfume so it cannot affect or disrupt the senses, her main goal to achieve lightness and a certain amount of simplicity, in a incessant pursuit for perfection. For Anne-Sophie Pic everything in cuisine starts and finishes with the products used, she praises the freshness and seasonality, always aiming to highlight the most what each product and ingredient has best. Each gastronomic creation builds stories contrasting textures, reflections and associations that underline, construct and elaborate new aromas and flavours. Nothing is de-constructed  Each recipe is a search for the quintessence of precision, taste and simplicity. Behind each ingredient there is always a hidden surprise, a touch of acidity and a nuance of colour, a feminine touch, sensual and delicate.

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Links:  www.pic-valence.fr

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