Style to Savour Campaign by Harrods

When Fashion & Food Collide! This month @ you’ll find seven scrolling homepages with striking fashion images shot in the store’s world-renowned eateries. For the first time ever, you will be able to shop an exclusive mix of the finest gourmet food alongside the world’s greatest designers. The beautiful series was shot at Harrods’ cafes including The Georgian Restaurant, Ladurée, the Ice Cream Parlour and the new Candy Store in Toy Kingdom. 

The London-based department store Harrods is boasting its status in both the fashion and food industries through a digital photography campaign that is transforming the retailer’s e-commerce site into a stylish culinary experience. “Style to Savour” campaign photography shot at its on-site cafes on each section of its e-commerce site’s parallax scrolling homepage and in a food-themed shopping guide during the month of October. The department store is encouraging clicks to the site via email, video and social media.

“Food and fashion are both an acquired taste and when a person likes a particular restaurant or designer, they are loyal for a lengthy amount of time,” said Brittany Mills, director of client services for B Culture Media, in Atlanta.

“I think Harrods will successfully be able to extend its reach by going after a complimentary industry that has a large, loyal following,” she said. “I also think it will be able to leverage this campaign on Pinterest and see a significant growth in its engagement numbers.”