Pintas, a Wine with Corpus and Soul

Smooth, ripe of concentrate aroma, with extremely pure flavours, with light and soft remarks of liquored berries. Sweet for sure, yet still focused. Genuine and with grand definition, fresh, polite and very fruity, with a great power on the palate. This is the true essence of Pintas wine.

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It all started with a love story: Jorge Serôdio Borges and Sandra Tavares da Silva met, both studied oenology, got married, and in 2001 decided to produce a wine that would express all the passion that flows in their blood. The setting is a small property in Vale do Mendiz, located near the Pinhão river, in north of Portugal. To this story also belongs a dog, a German pointer whose name Pintas has served as inspiration to denote this much celebrated wine.

The intense success led them to create their own company – Wine & Soul – which currently has already an extensive portfolio of exceptional wines, among which stand out the remarkable white wine Guru, the Pintas Character and the Quinta da Manoella Vinhas Velhas. They also produce a small quantity of port wine and extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, both under the brand name Pintas.

Grapes are harvested manually and clusters are chosen carefully. The heavy boxes are taken on the shoulders to the treadmill, where a new grape assortment is conducted to select only the best, before being placed into the granite mills. Friends and employees are invited, and rhythmically, to the sound of the characteristic sung melody, the grapes are stepped up. It is exactly in the authenticity of this vintage method, topped by the traditional method of treading wine in mills that lays the genuine character of this fantastic wine.

Each bottle of Pintas wine is comprised by secrets, mysteries, dreams and enigmas; many to be lived and many more to be revealed. Its grand corpus fills our soul and enchants us…