D.O.M. São Paulo – one of the best restaurants in the world

Considered in 2012, by S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the 4th  best restaurant in the world,  D.O.M. in São Paulo, Brazil, is a very elegant and confortable space, that invite to relaxation and evasion. Has an exquisite and highly distinguished cuisine managed by one of the best knowns icons in gastronomy, Chef Alex Atala.

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D.O.M is much more than a restaurant, it is a place where indigenous flavours combine through methods and techniques of contemporary French and Italian cuisine. Among the most varied dishes, majestically prepared, are breaded oysters with tapioca sagú and salmon roes or mushroom soup perfumed with Amazon flowers, for e.g.  Exceptional wines are served with these delicious dishes.

Along with te soberb food, the refinement continues with the  architecture and artwork inside the restaurant, that has reduces its total capacity to fifty sits to offer a more intimate and pleasant feeling to the guests.

D.O.M. is an excellent option for dinner…a must visit for every gourmet connoisseur.