Alex Atala, an icon in Gastronomy

Alex Atala, a Brazilian chef, once a famous DJ, who left the rhythmic stages of the night to become the biggest Brazilian star in the culinary world.

When it comes to gastronomy, Atala is an icon. At the age of 39, he won every major culinary awards in the country and is one of the few Latin American recognised chefs in Europe. He has taugh in France, hosted dinners at exciting events throughout the worl and this year the restaurant that he manages in São Paulo – D.O.M. – was considerer the 4th best restaurant in the world and the best, once again, in Latin America.

Alex Atala is well-known for exploring all gastronomic possibilities of the brazilian ingredients, combining it with methods and techniques both classic and contemporary.

As consequence of his work, Alex Atala, usually participate in national and international events, as also is invited to coordinate workshops in the most relevants gatronomic events.

As a  great scholar of Brazilian cuisine, Alex Atala as already written 3 books on this subject.

Being positivelly surprised is only what we can expect from this great chef.