Vidago Palace Hotel – A Historic Retreat

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The sky is painted in ochre tones; the breeze flutters the leaves animating it with its mysterious and comfortable breath. In the undulating landscape we find the most interesting fauna and flora, crossed over by the majestic Douro River that flows harmoniously through rugged hills and canyons. Everything is beautiful, perhaps mysterious, certainly fascinating… And it is right in the middle of the 250-acres of forest, between this sweet and gentle horizon, that arises and outlines a majestic building with its facade in pink tones, vain with its beautiful gardens, with a bucolic lake and outstanding golf courses.
The historic Vidago Palace Hotel has long been revered as a spa and golf destination among Europe’s elite, who came to benefit from the spring waters of Vidago.
Vidago Palace opens in 1910 but one hundred years later, after an extensive restoration, the newly decorated Vidago Palace Hotel invites world travellers to live the charm of the Belle Époque. New services and especially grand refinement are the main premises of the new Palace, never forgetting its surrounding green areas as well as the renowned golf course designed by the Scottish architect Philip Mackenzie, now with 18 holes.
Seventy rooms and suites with unique and customised décor each of the five stars that this hotel boasts can be easily proven. The sumptuousness and richness of the interiors confer all the right features of a true luxury hotel.

A Leading Hotel of the World, the only Portuguese destination listed among the 40 best new rural and urban refuges in the world, according to the hotlist of 2011 by the Condé Nast Traveller.

A legend reborn, a flagship destination waiting to be discovered, full of stories and riddles that takes us on a long journey through time… Smoothly, the scenario changes. In a harmonious extension, from the classic building arises a contemporary edification, in a very avant-garde style, with simple and straight lines, which is nothing less than the spa.