Martin Berasategui – 7 Michelin Stars Chef

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It was among fishermen, farmers and cattle ranchers that Martin Berasategui, at the age of 15 began plotting his journey as a chef. The setting was Bódegon Alejandro, a family restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain, where later when he becomes the manager, he receives his first Michelin Star.

Martin Berasategui has created a style of cooking very much defined by the high demand for perfectionism and an amazing balance between the ingredients and the cooking times, in conjunction with the use of more advanced techniques, in order to translate the privileged tastes and flavours of each product to the diners who sit in front of his creations.  Today, with seven Michelin stars in his curriculum, Martin Berasategui is in charge of numerous restaurants in Spain, China, as well as ambassador of several international brands.

His audacious creations are peaceful oasis where our five senses live the most sophisticated gastronomic experiences. The recipe to achieve such high levels of quality is quite simple:  a lot of work and strive. There is the need to feel, communicate, taste, observe, vibrate, think, imagine, develop, make it better, inspire, decorate, reflect on each ingredient, both individually and as part of a dish…

Unforgettable tastes, simple and refined, traditional and simultaneously innovative, dishes that dazzle the look and deliver a superb feel in the mouth, made from the Michelin Stars Chef!