Château Pêtrus – At least once in a lifetime

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Pétrus is definitely the most interesting among all Bordeaux wines…Intensely concentrated, of an incredible power, depth and richness on the palate, yet with a remarkable balance of penetrating aromas of ripe mulberries, black currant and fruits harmoniously combined with spicy vanilla oak. Made almost entirely of Merlot grapes, this rare red wine is one of the most prestigious and expensive wines in the world!

Pétrus has its own identity and normally it takes 10 years to reach its ideal for consumption, boasting all competences to last for decades.

The wines are old, with average ages that range between 40 and 45 years, and the replacement happens when they reach about 70 years.

For maximum results, the productivity is small, only 6500 feet per hectare, and the process of harvesting and wine making is extremely careful, following very specified and well-defines parameters. After fermentation in concrete vats, the wine is ripen in oak barrels for 22 to 28 months, and finally without being filtered, it is clarified with egg white.

This wine is respectfully designated by many wine lovers as “King Pétrus”