Flying with Jetlev

This amazing recreational jetpack, the JetLev JF 155 promises the excitement of steady, agile flight and incredibly easy to use, allowing us to ‘fly’.

This amazing machine, and probably the craziest water toy ever, was designed by Canadian Raymond Li and built by MS Watersports in Germany and debuted in January 2009 at Boot Dusseldorf, after nine years of development, tests and refinements.

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Is unlikely that other water toy has the yacht arsenal of this jetpack, known as JETLEV-FLYER. Powered with 4-stroke engine water nozzle reaction force to achieve stability. A digital fly-by-wire system is used to control the throttle. High quality materials and craftsmanship are used for a better performance and safety issues.

With a cruising duration of 2-3 hours, a standard model, depending on the pilot weight, can reach 10 meters high and a maximum speed of 47km/h.

With the JETLEV-FLYER it is possible to stop dreaming about flying and experience the unparalleled sensation of levitation and personal flight.