Summer House in Greece

A wonderful summer house, situated in the Eastern part of the island of Paros Cyclades in Greece feels like a perfect dwelling for a peaceful vacation. Built by Alexandros Logodotis, this marvellous house has all the elements of traditional Cycladic architecture with a minimal modern offering.

Daylight reveals the plasticity of tumour and white colours as watercolours have spread in selected areas, while at night the lights in headlights and other details throughout the building becomes a supernatural setting, hovering over the pool. The orientation is East and spaces organized in turn by the sun to “live” the best of their era: the outdoor kitchen has shade in the afternoon to be able to enjoy a meal in peace. The building appears to volume configured by touch, without straights and tight corners – as if it was slowly over time, with the wind and rain. The smooth curves and holes, the white Cycladic which eliminates the strong light and colour harmonies, is what characterizes the area “breathe” the breeze coming through the openings. The centre of gravity of the house seems to be the staircase stands like a sculpture. Patiti, grey concrete into alternating with marble tiling in the area around the pool, sand-coloured, covered the floors.

The house and minimal ergonomic, ideal for anyone who went immediately into the atmosphere, which is something ethereal and water together. Accountable designed built shelves in the living room, a dining room buffet abstract and built beds, without spikes. The minimum, which has nothing but the usual rigour than tenderness and eroticism, is what fits the temperament of their owners and possibly only “ties” with such an advantageous position, as the Cyclades.

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