The Art of Filigree | Portugal

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Safe gestures and creativity on the fingertips make filigree an admirable art. A jewellery technique created from the combination of delicate and fine gold or silver wires. The wiring process endures hours and hours in a slow and rigorous pace, cleverly joining, one by one, the wires (thin as hair) turning them into unique, uneven pieces. A dance of circular or spiral motifs occasionally complemented with stones, polychrome enamels or tiny gold and silver spheres, originates the most enthralling jewellery.

No one knows exactly when it began… This ancient art, known among Chinese and Indian, as well as by the Mediterranean and Iberian civilizations, has evolved as a technique of perfection and of a profound artistic feeling, applied to luxury accessories of exquisite design. Imaginative and artistic shapes integrated the characteristic jewellery of the upper social classes.

At the workshop, between silver and gold, between pliers, drawings and stories to be told, sparkle gold and silver masterpieces, woven by wise and sensible hands.

The perfect combination between tradition and contemporary design has been now translated into new art pieces that reflect a lot about the Portuguese culture and history, and enchant the world…