Monza @ Dubai, a Spa for luxury cars

Monza Ultimate Detailing and Protection in Dubai is one of the most expensive detailing centers in Dubai providing ultimate quality services for luxury cars.

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The Monza name is derived from the Monza race circuit and city in Italy. The target of this company are only luxury cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley and provide such services as polishing, paint correction, interior cleaning, leather reconditioning, paint protection, interior protection, and headlight restoration.

The employees has a 6-month training before being allowed to touch in any vehicle. Using advanced tecnologies the cars are treated like precious jewels, for example the cleaning is made with specialized tools, which includes a hendheld microscope.  After the upholstery is cleaned for three times and treated with natural oils to keep it soft and shiny.

A real “Spa” for very special cars.