Lamborghini Aventador – An Absolute One-off

The most uncompromising convertibe supercar has arrived…Lamborghini Aventador J!
A true force of nature on wheels that offers an absolutely indescribable experience of power and dynamics.

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Accurate and well-defined surfaces, magnanimous outlines and shapes mark the unmistakable style of this convertible, which ecstasies one’s mind and challenges one’s soul. Its wide dimensions at the rear and narrow at the front ensure a better aerodynamics and ventilation.
In terms of technological innovation, the Lamborghini Aventador J has ride out. Its structure is based on an innovative monocoque, conceived from polymers reinforced with carbon fibre that combine lightweight design with systematic rigidity and optimum safety.
The 12 cylinder engine of 6.5 litres and 700 hp reach perfection at high engine speeds – full emotions that go up to 300km/h with a strong pulling power.
Explosive dynamics, extreme driving pleasure, a unique experience. An authentic masterpiece of the automotive industry.

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