Subsix Maldives Underworld

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The world’s first underwater club. International DJs. Global music. Splashes of colour – indigo, blue. Glass walls overlook a spotlit sea. Modern moods with a flair for the marine. Take the party below the sea for all-night dancing beneath the waves…

It seems that when it comes to partying in style and taking experiences down to new depth, nothing seems to be a barrier at the world’s first underwater music club known as Subsix. 600 meters away from the coastline of the Indian Ocean in the beautiful wide sandy beaches of Maldives within the vivid blue waters, said to be one of the most amazing experiences.

The club is built with floor to ceiling thick glass walls on all three sides to allow an unparalleled view to the exotic marine life teething within the clear blue oceans. The music fills the space with DJs spinning through the night, submerging us into the deep ocean. The club was constructed on land before it was carefully placed in the ocean. There is a restaurant sited above the surface serving delicacies from the Indian Ocean; the most delectable and gastronomically exciting dishes promising fresh experiences that will tickle the most trained food connoisseurs.

Only accessible by boat, this club is part of Niyama resorts under the Per AQUUM group and represents one of the most enchanted experiences when visiting the Maldives.