Porcel & Per Spook


Per Spook, the Norwegian designer and fashion stylist of Maison Dior has developed a magnificent collection for the portuguese  porcelain producer, Porcel… The Fashion collection.

For 15 Years, Per Spook worked with some of the greatest Fashion “Couturiers” in Paris. Spook is a couturier, an artist, a sculptor, a photographer, excelling in all areas which require imagination, taste and talent, because, above all, he is a creator.
The year of 1986 marks the first Spook tableware creation produced by the French Lafarge Limoges. At the present Porcel is the company producer of fine porcelain that the Norwegian designer uses for his porcelain creations in tableware.

Fashion is a statement of style, class and elegance and this Porcel collection reveals in its quality products all of this elegance e glamour.

Per Spook is a combination of creativity, modernism and pragmatism also visible in the Rim collection, another creation of the designer made by Porcel.