300 Michelin Stars @ Louis XV, Monte Carlo

Starting today, and until the 18th of November,will occur the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Louis XV, the restaurant managed by the great Chef Alain Ducasse, in Monte Carlo.


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To celebrate in a very special way this anniversary, Alain Ducasse and MonteCarlo SBM has invited 240 greatest chefs from 25 countries, representing 5 continents. The result is an unprecedented assembly of 300 stars from the Michelin Guide all together in just one space.

Between professionals, three unique days of sharing knowledge, of discoveries and a series of original events are on schedule, culminating in a gala dinner on Saturday November 17th. The desire to explore the richness and diversity of culinary sensitivities will be the driving force behind these three days, uniting traditionalists and modernists, classical and experimental, Northern and Southern countries.

From Nice to the Bay of Genoa, The Riviera that Alain Ducasse loves is made up of the inimitable flavors of local produce. For Alain Ducasse, « thanks to authentic growers, breeders, farmers, butchers, fishermen and mushroom gatherers, we have the rare privilege to have at hand the best produce, that we treat with the utmost respect. ” So, The anniversary will also highlight the 100 most beautiful regional produce, in an ephemeral market covering close to 1.000 square meters. For an exceptional event, an exceptional venue:where local producers and the 240 guest chefs will interact around animations, demonstrations, and produce sampling.

In May 1987, Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Monte-Carlo SBM entrust Alain Ducasse with the daunting task to turn the Louis XV into the first restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars, and as a deadline, he is given a maximum of four years. Against all odds, Alain Ducasse 33 years old at the time- wins the incredible challenge.
For 25 years, Alain Ducasse, craftsman of flavors, has endeavored to reveal the taste of the essential, drawn from Mediterranean produce.

The 25th anniversary of Louis XV is above all a homage to Alain Ducasse and to Mediterranean cuisine.