Curriculum Vitae, a harmonious fusion of aromas

Amid the tranquil landscape so characteristic of the Douro Region, in the heart of Vale do Rio Torto, we can find the Quinta Vale Dona Maria.

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Cristiano Van Zeller, one of the most renowned portuguese winemakers, who is married with the current owner of this place, started by the end of 2006 recovering all his brands that date back from the eighteenth century and today he is owner of a wide range of internationally recognized brands.
The genuine character of the wines produced at Quinta Vale Dona Maria is based on the authenticity of the harvest and traditional method of foot treading in “lagares”.

In curriculum vitae we find a red wine of a deep red with violet hues, extremely pleasant in its taste. More than a wine, CV is a harmonious fusion of aromas, flavours and colours with notes of ripe red fruit, blackberry, plum and black cherry. All the elements in CV integrate and balance themselves, and the steel behind the velvet can be sufficiently powerful remaining elegant in mid-plate, with soft jam remarks that balance the initial strong flavours and the vivacity of tannings.

Curriculum Vitae … a wine with personality, character, pleasur eand amusement combined with innovative and genuine aromas.